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How to Attract Money with the Law of Attraction

Once you understand how the Law of Attraction works, using it to attract money and other forms of abundance is really easy to do - or it SEEMS like it should be easy. Just decide what you want, visualize it, say a few affirmations and watch it drop into your lap.

Whoops, it doesn't always work that way, does it?

How do you attract money and abundance anyway? It's very much like putting a puzzle together. All of the pieces are already there, but you need to put them together in a specific way in order to see the big picture.

If the pieces are out of place, or if you try to jam them in sideways, what happens? Nothing.

It works the same way when people try to attract money using the Law of Attraction - if they're not putting all the pieces together in the right way - nothing happens.

Has this been your experience with the Law of Attraction?

  • Have you been able to attract SOME money, but not quite enough?
  • Have you been able to attract substantial amounts but not on a consistent basis? 

If so, read on because I'm going to share some insights into why this happens.

By the way, this happens even to people who are well versed in using the Law of Attraction! It's not just beginners who struggle! No matter how much you KNOW on an intellectual level, you can still get it wrong when you put it into action.

However, you'll be glad to know that even when you seem to be hopelessly blocked, all that's usually required is a few easy tweaks in your approach and the blockages dissolve.

Common Mistakes People Make in Attracting Money

Did you know that there are common mistakes that people make when attempting to attract money and other forms of abundance?

Some of these mistakes are:

  • Getting frustrated with their current circumstances so they keep focusing on lack.
  • Constantly "looking" at their current circumstances to see if anything has changed yet.
  • Being inconsistent with the techniques and time they put in to the process.
  • Giving 90% of their focus to things they DON'T want, and 10% to things they DO want.
  • Doubting that they have what it takes to attract more money.

Unfortunately, most people have no idea they are doing these things - and they ultimately conclude that the Law of Attraction doesn't work and give up.

Have you done this? Or are you about to give up now?

You'll be glad to know that mastering your ability to attract money and abundance is a simple matter of learning how to master your own thoughts. Let's go over the basics for attracting money with the Law of Attraction so you can see how it works:

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

The Law of Attraction is described as a universal force that responds to your energetic "signal" - which is a mixture of your dominant thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

The general concept is:

  • If most of your thoughts are "positive" you will get back mostly positive experiences.
  • If most of your thoughts are "negative" you will get back mostly negative experiences.

Notice above I said "GENERAL" - and that's because you don't have to specifically think about something in order to attract it - your thoughts just have to be aligned with events of that frequency (or events of that "nature").

For example:

Problems, financial obstacles, and turmoil are compatible with a "negative" frequency.

Joy, abundance, love, and happiness are compatible with a more "positive" frequency.

Here's the basic manifestation process in a nutshell:

  • Every thought you think is MAGNETIC - and will attract other corresponding thoughts.

  • Every thought you think triggers a corresponding FEELING.

  • Your feelings emit a "SIGNAL" to the universe.

  • The universe returns EXPERIENCES that are aligned with that signal.

  • Which triggers more corresponding thoughts and feelings, and the cycle continues. 

Do you see how it would be possible to get "stuck" repeating the same negative cycles over and over again for years?

The more you think about the negativity, the more negative you feel, and the more negative you feel, the more negative experiences the universe will keep sending - which makes you think and feel more negatively - on and on it goes!

Breaking the Cycle of Lack and Scarcity

In order to start attracting money (and other forms of abundance) into your life, you need to become more aligned with abundance than lack, which basically means STOP FOCUSING on lack and scarcity, and START FOCUSING on abundance.

Easier said than done, right!?

But it doesn't have to be hard if you start with one thought at a time.

  • Rather than investing your energy into worrying about how you're going to pay the bills, you can CHOOSE to believe that the money will come.

  • Rather than feeling angry that your circumstances are so difficult right now, you can eagerly look forward to things getting better and better. 

Yes, it definitely takes practice to get the hang of this!

That's because your thoughts are magnetic so they will keep attracting like thoughts. For a little while you will still keep thinking thoughts of lack and struggle simply because that's what you're used to doing. Thoughts like this will just keep popping back into your mind so it seems like you are not in control of it.

But if you keep at it, little by little you will tip the balance and thinking more positive thoughts will get easier.

"Seeing" a Better Reality

Visualization can be really helpful in shifting your thoughts from lack to abundance, and you don't have to spend a lot of time on it either - just 10 or 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference in attracting better experiences.

How exactly do you "visualize" more abundance?

Visualization refers to seeing images in your mind, but you may be surprised to know that when it comes to the Law of Attraction you don't necessarily have to "see" anything to get results.

The only thing that matters is that you FEEL the essence of what you are visualizing.

For example, if you were visualizing your dream home, you would probably imagine what it looked like, how the rooms were laid out, how the land looked, and so on. But even if you couldn't form mental pictures of how it looked - you could still easily FEEL what it would be like to be there, right?

You would probably feel very peaceful, comfortable, relaxed, happy, carefree, joyful, and so on.

It works the same if you were to imagine having plenty of money. What would that FEEL like to you? Would you feel excited? Secure? Happy? Fulfilled? Free?

When you consistently spend time each day tuning into these feelings, you become receptive to the means and resources to make these feelings REAL in your physical surroundings.

AFFIRMATIONS also work in a similar way.

As you recite phrases related to having abundance, wealth and prosperity, you begin to feel more abundant, wealthy and prosperous - which should begin attracting more of that reality to you.

Okay, but here is the problem with all of these techniques:

Sometimes They Don't Seem to WORK!

Have you tried all of these techniques before and still gotten few results?

  • Have you visualized so much that eventually it seemed like a major chore?

  • Have you recited affirmations for weeks or months and gotten nowhere?

  • Have you focused on abundance with all your might - and still remained STUCK? 

There is a reason why this usually happens, and it's vitally important that you get this if you want to successfully attract more money into your life:

There Are TWO Aspects to Attracting Money and Abundance!

The first part involves actually attracting the money (drawing it toward yourself) using the techniques we have covered so far.

That part you probably already know how to do.

But the reason why those things sometimes appear not to work is because people are forgetting the second crucial part of the process, which is learning how to be OPEN TO RECEIVE the abundance they are trying to attract.

Here's How to Tell if You Are Blocking Abundance:

  • Feelings of frustration that nothing seems to work out like you planned.

  • A distinct feeling of being "stuck" or "blocked" from within.

  • Everything you do seems ten times harder than it should be.

  • You can't seem to get ahead no matter what you do.

  • Every goal you set seems to backfire no matter how hard you work. 

Consider these to be RED FLAGS that you are blocking your abundance, or you are otherwise resisting it, even if unintentionally.

That doesn't mean abundance can't come to you at all.

It does usually mean that you are holding yourself back from allowing AS MUCH abundance as you are capable of attracting.

In other words, the amount of money you have today is far less than the amount you WANT to have.

Those feelings of being stuck, blocked and frustrated are like "smoke signals" from the universe that you are not allowing yourself to live up to your full potential.

How to Get Unstuck and Create an Easy Flow of Abundance

The good news is that it doesn't take much to get unstuck and allow money to flow.

Are you ready to find out:

  • How to turn money attraction into an easy, fun process of steady expansion?
  • How to discover the missing ingredients in your "abundance recipe"?
  • How to heighten your awareness of easy opportunities to receive more money?

How to Attract Money"How to Attract Money - Using the Law of Attraction to Attract Money, Win the Lottery and Other Neat Stuff" is comprehensive guide that can help you change your thought habits and transform your relationship with money for good.

A few of the things you will learn in this guide:

  • Why TRYING to attract money is one of the worst things you can do!

  • How to RELAX into greater abundance, easily and quickly.

  • An easy way to tell immediately if you are focusing more on abundance . . . or lack.

  • A simple way to change your limiting beliefs for good so they no longer hold you back.

  • How to stop "blaming yourself" for everything that's wrong in your life.

  • How to begin improving your thoughts starting right here, right now.

  • Why visualization may not be what you think - and how you can do it easily even if you've struggled with it in the past.

  • How to get the universe working on your behalf and become a co-creation TEAM.

  • How to open your mind to "inspired guidance" - and allow the universe to lead you to the easiest and fastest ways to receive more money.

  • How to quickly and easily release resistance that blocks abundance.

  • A super-simple, fun, FAST way to shift your frequency and begin attracting more money right NOW.

  • How to tell when it's working (these signs are unmistakable if you know what to look for). 

No matter how many times you have "failed" to attract money and abundance before, no matter how few results you have gotten from your efforts in the past, you can start fresh right now with these easy, fun techniques.

When you know how to OPEN yourself to RECEIVE the money and abundance you have been asking for, you come fully into your spiritual power and it translates into every area of your physical life, including financial.

These BONUS chapters are also included:

Using the Law of Attraction to Win the Lottery

Have you always wanted to win the lottery? Contests? Sweepstakes? Free gifts?

Have you heard that you can't use the Law of Attraction to accomplish this goal? Have you stopped to consider whether that's really true or not?

When you think about it, you'll probably come to the conclusion that many others have too: winning the lottery is no different than any other goal.

You wouldn't hesitate to ask the universe for a specific make and model car, a better paying job, the love of your life, or millions of other desires - why would lottery wins be too much for the universe to handle?

More often than not, it's not that the universe can't handle such requests - but that WE have doubts that it would be possible, which immediately blocks it from us.

Just like attracting money from any other source, there are simple exercises you can do to start increasing your receptivity to lottery wins. And we're going to share these exercises with you:

  • 7 easy steps to start attracting lottery wins 

  • How to open yourself to inspired guidance and "hunches" for winners 

  • How your beliefs can affect wins and losses 

  • The perfect mind-set to align you with winning 

  • The mind-set(s) that repel wins - avoid these! 

  • Why buying more tickets isn't the way to bigger wins 

  • 6 more fun exercises to help you choose numbers 

I won't promise that you'll become an instant millionaire by using these techniques. In fact, for most people who use them consistently, they'll probably find that they first start winning smaller amounts (which can be inspiring enough if you rarely used to win!), and then gradually increase them over time. It may work that way for you, or you may even have better results - everyone is different!

Manifesting With Intentions

Whether you are attempting to win the lottery, manifest money from other sources, or simply improve your life circumstances in any way -- knowing how to use intentions is one of the key skills you need to develop.

Mastering the use of intentions is not the same as affirming that you want something, or making a list of dreams and goals.

Instead, this chapter shows you how to awaken your true power as a deliberate creator and direct it to the creation of the lifestyle you want to live.

You'll learn:

  • The key differences between intentions, affirmations and other manifesting techniques

  • Why intentions are even more powerful than affirmations

  • 7 key steps to using intentions to manifest money or anything else

  • How to write a power statement to manifest something specific

  • Which situations can be altered with intentions . . . and which cannot

  • Reasons why your intentions may not be working 

  • And more 

Don't waste another minute feeling BLOCKED and FRUSTRATED. 

Let me help you transform your thoughts and start improving your results.

How to Attract MoneyHow to Attract Money
 is a 75-page downloadable PDF guide packed full of helpful money manifestation techniques, exercises and examples that you can apply in your own life.

By the time you finish reading this guide, you will know:

  • What the law of attraction is, and how it works

  • Three steps to activate the law of attraction in your life

  • What inspired actions are, and how to tell if you're being given one

  • Other pieces of the manifestation puzzle

  • What NOT to do when using the law of attraction

  • What to definitely do when using the law of attraction

  • The basic recipe for attracting money with the law of attraction

  • Seeing law of attraction as an impartial MIRROR

  • How to start manifesting something better, right here and now - no matter how bad your circumstances may be

  • Taking a gradual approach to improving your thoughts - why it's important

  • How to build momentum and increase the magnitude of your results

  • How visualization can help you attract money - and why it may not be as hard as you think

  • The importance of detaching and releasing resistance that blocks abundance

  • How to let go and stay open to the unexpected

  • The difference between inspired actions and forced actions - and why inspired is much easier!

  • Asking the universe for more money - how many times do you have to do it?

  • Easy ways to release resistance and open to greater abundance

  • The fastest way to start attracting more money now

  • How to tell when your efforts are working - clear signs to stay on the lookout for!

  • Continuing to expand, step by step by step!

  • Is it REALLY possible to use the law of attraction to win the lottery?

  • How your beliefs play into the process

  • 7 easy steps to start attracting lottery wins

  • Other fun lottery techniques to strengthen your skills

  • The perfect recipe for attracting money from any source

  • A 7 step plan for using intentions to attract money, lottery wins and abundance in many forms

  • and more

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P.S.  Even if you think you know all there is to know about attracting money and abundance, if you're still not getting the results you want, then you obviously haven't tried these techniques yet!

They just might be the missing piece of your abundance puzzle! :-)

Wishing you great abundance,