Attract Money Now

Affirmations for Attracting Money

Below is a collection of affirmations for attracting money and other forms of abundance into your life.  Remember that affirmations work best if you really tune into the FEELINGS of what you are focusing on - so be sure to say them with confidence and conviction and try to feel the essence of the intent.

I love feeling as if I have plenty of money.
I choose to feel good about money now.
As I feel good about money, money must come.
I welcome financial freedom and ease now.
I give myself permission to be as rich as I want.
I deserve to have plenty of money.
I believe that money is flowing to me now.
I can feel my abundance growing daily.
I trust the universe to grow my abundance.
I just have to let go and allow money to flow.
Attracting money is fun if I relax and allow it.

Financial resources are lining up for me now.
I align with receiving money when I feel good.
I know that financial well-being is my right.
I always have more than enough money.
I am comfortable having large sums of money.
Money always comes to me with perfect timing.
I choose faith over worry, starting right now.
I can feel more money flowing to me easily.
There are no limits except what I allow.
I appreciate money for things it can provide.
I release my fears and doubts about money.

My inner guidance leads me to abundance.
Every day my belief in abundance grows.
I love spending money on things that create joy.
I think positively about money and abundance.
I give myself permission to be fully abundant.
I appreciate examples of abundance in my life.
I am grateful for the ability to manifest money!
I invite more money to come to me daily.
I always choose to focus on abundance.
Feeling joyful is a great way to attract money.
Money comes to me in fun and surprising ways!

I let go of all limiting thoughts now.
The universe can deliver anything I ask for.
I love winning money in the lottery!
Today is going to be a joyful, abundant day!
I know that more money is coming to me.
I can feel my bank account being full of money.
My financial situation is improving day by day.
I love money and magnetically draw it to me.
Money comes to me in unexpected ways.
I love receiving discounts and rebates.
The universe provides everything I need.

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