Attract Money Now

Attract Money Easily by Choosing to Make it Easy

Have you ever believed that attracting money and other forms of abundance was difficult?  Most of us have at one time or another.  Here's the problem with that viewpoint: according to the Law of Attraction, it must be true!

If you labor under a belief that it's hard to attract money - or even receive money in any form, your physical reality will support that belief.  When you work very hard to receive money, money will come.  If you stop working hard, the money will stop too.

Does this reflect your experience with money?

You may be surprised to know that you can change your outer experiences by first changing your perception.  Below are three key steps for attracting money easily:

1)  Explore your beliefs about money and abundance. 

The tricky thing about beliefs is that they are often subconscious.  You may not even realize you have limiting beliefs about money until you begin examining how you feel.  Take some time to ask yourself questions like these and write down your answers:

- Do I really believe that money can come to me easily?

- Why or why not?

- My biggest obstacle in attracting more money right now is . . .

- My relationship with money is . . .

- I just don't believe that . . .

- I want to believe that . . .

Be sure not to censor your answers; just let them fly right out.  Once you start delving into these concepts you'll gain a lot of clarity about yourself and your beliefs.

2)  Begin changing your limiting beliefs. 

As an example let's say you discovered a belief that you can't receive money except through your job, and your job doesn't offer any opportunities for advancement.  Obviously, such a belief will keep you locked in place financially.  How would you change this belief?  Two things would be good to start:

- First, begin affirming constantly that money can come to you in limitless ways - both expected and unexpected.  Just because YOU can't see any possibilities doesn't mean the universe can't.  In fact, sometimes you'll be astounded at the miracles that can happen when you believe in the possibilities.

- Second, do what you can to help the universe work on your behalf.  That means creating "gateways" through which more money can enter your life.  You might apply for a better job that offers more opportunity for advancement; or start your own part-time business.  You can enter contests, sweepstakes, and buy lottery tickets (do this moderately; you only need one ticket to win). 

If you happen to see an opportunity to receive more money, go for it!  Sometimes the universe will send you a fantastic opportunity or give you a little nudge in a certain direction.  Always pay attention to these and give them your best shot.  Even if they don't create a windfall immediately, they may lead to more opportunities later.

Ultimately there are no right or wrong ways to change your beliefs.  Probably the simplest way is to keep reinforcing the positive belief until it replaces the negative belief, and take action when you can; but listen to your intuition for the ways that work best for you.  You are your own best expert.  Let your intution guide you and you cannot go wrong.

3)  Finally, be patient with yourself.

No matter how much progress you make, you may still have moments where you slip back into that old thinking again.  It will probably happen that way for you too.  Remember that changing your beliefs is a PROCESS, not a one-time event.  Give yourself some time to make that inner adjustment.  When you notice that you've slipped back into old lack-focused thoughts, simply clear your mind and start fresh again.  The more you do it, the easier it will become!

How to Attract Money

How to Attract Money

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