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Attracting Money: the Power of Make Believe

Do you remember when you were a child and pretending was so easy?  Do you remember how effortlessly you suspended your belief in "reality" and became a princess, a warrior, a rock star, or a famous athlete?  As adults, many of us have lost touch with the art of make believe. 

Luckily, you can easily recapture the power of pretending and use it to attract more money into your life. 

Imagine for a moment that you were a multi-millionaire.  You have virtually unlimited financial resources at your disposal, and you enjoy absolute freedom to live your life anyway you please.

How does that scenario feel to you?

Try it on for a few minutes and if it feels good, try wearing it all day today.  As you walk down the street, do it as if you really do have millions of dollars in the bank.

As you interact with other people during the course of the day, remind yourself that you are financially free.

As you pay bills, purchase items you need, and donate to charities, remember that you are endlessly abundant.  Lack does not exist in your world, and you always have more than enough money for everything you need.

Just by adopting this limitless mindset, you will begin communicating a strong vibrational "signal" to the universe that you have plenty of money - and you will immediately start attracting the tangible resources to make it your reality.

However, make sure you don't fall into the trap of using make believe in a detrimental way - and that is by trying to ignore or dismiss negative thoughts about money and abundance. 

For example, if you were to lose money in a business transaction and outwardly you smile and say, "No big deal, there is plenty more where that came from" but inside you are genuinely upset about it.

That kind of pretense does not help you attract money because the law of attraction is responding to your vibrational signal, not your words.  Your signal is filled with the essence of lack and loss, even if your words are focused on abundance.

In this kind of situation it's well worth taking the time to improve your thoughts about the money you lost.  You might grab a sheet of paper and write some statements like this:

"It stinks that I lost that money.  I'm angry about it.  It was a stupid mistake.  The good thing is that I rarely make mistakes like that.  I'm usually very good with money.  I can forgive myself for messing up this time.  I know that there is more than enough abundance to go around.  The money I "lost" probably hasn't been lost at all; it will come to me in another way from another source.  I like that idea.  Nothing is ever lost, and my dominant focus determines the level of abundance I allow into my life."

As you work on releasing your perception of lack and loss, and you keep choosing better thoughts about money and abundance, you will naturally release your anger and your vibrational signal will start to reflect the essence of abundance again.

How to Attract Money

How to Attract Money

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