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Believing You Deserve to Win the Lottery

One of the biggest blockages you may have to overcome if you want to use the Law of Attraction to win the lottery is believing that you deserve to win.  Many of us have been trained to believe that even wanting a big sum of money is wrong, greedy, and selfish.  If you have been trained to believe the same, you may find yourself waging an inner battle if you set an intention to win the lottery.

Mentally you'll believe that it's possible and you deserve to win just as much as anyone else does, but emotionally, subconsciously, a little recording will begin playing - "It's wrong to even want this for yourself.  How dare you be so greedy?  There are people who would be thrilled to be living your comfortable life, and here you are wanting still more.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  Be happy with what you already have and stop wanting more."

That inner recording may be the voice of your mother, pastor, best friend, or even your own inner critic, and it can be enough to keep blocking your ability to attract money and abundance through the lottery and other avenues.

How do you know if you have this inner recording?  Try saying this statement out loud:

I know that I deserve to win the lottery.

How do you feel after saying that?  Do you feel confident and happy?  Then you probably don't have any inner resistance to such a goal.

Do you feel embarrassed, uncertain, ashamed, doubtful or anxious?  If so, then most likely you've got some resistance that will prevent you from achieving the goal.

There are many ways to clear the resistance; for example you could spend a few minutes every day affirming the reasons why you deserve to win just as much as anyone else. 

You could affirm that the universe isn't taking score on who is deserving and who isn't; it simply gives us what we ask for.  You could imagine yourself as already having won the lottery and feeling proud of your accomplishment. 

Any and all of these methods will help you to release resistance and form some new, positive beliefs.  The most important thing is to work on it consistently day by day until you feel a tangible shift taking place within you.

Winning the lottery with the Law of Attraction may seem like an impossible dream, but once you understand how our abundant universe works, you realize that it's just as possible as any other goal you set! Learn more about Lottery and Law of Attraction

How to Attract Money

How to Attract Money

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