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Feel Good, Attract More Money!

Sometimes we tend to make things much more complicated than they need to be, and attracting money is no exception.  At its very core, attracting money involves focusing on money and allowing money.  That means thinking often about money (not the lack of money) and feeling good about money (even if you don't yet think you have enough money).

That sounds so simple, doesn't it?  Focus on money, feel good about money, attract more money.

But many of us get stuck in this process, beseiged by negative thoughts about money, trying to MAKE money come to us, and getting sidetracked by frustration when it doesn't work.

Here's the good news:

There is a very simple way around this tangle of confusion, and that is to simply focus on feeling good as often as you can.

Make it your mission to find ways to feel good - especially about money - all day, every day.

There are endless ways to do that:

  • Visualize yourself having a lot of money and get your positive emotions flowing (happiness, joy, freedom, excitement)

  • Do things you enjoy regularly, like engaging in your favorite hobbies, dancing, taking long walks, etc.

  • Affirm constantly that more money is on its way to you

  • Actively trust the universe to provide for all of your needs (you must BELIEVE it will)

  • Let go of the feeling that you don't have enough money, and pretend you are already wealthy

  • Go shopping in your favorite stores and pretend that you can buy anything you want

  • Engage in rich, detailed fantasies about taking luxurious trips, buying your dream home, and so on

All of these activities and plenty others can keep you feeling GOOD about money - and when you feel good about money you cannot help but attract it!

Don't worry about "how" it all happens, or the endless ways in which money can come into your life.  Just relax, feel good, and know that it WILL come.

How to Attract Money

How to Attract Money

Learn dozens of easy, fun ways to get the Law of Attraction working in your financial situation! How to attract money, how to open up and allow money to flow easily. How to stop blocking money, how to use the Law of Attraction for lottery wins, and much more! Abundance awaits you.

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